How does our Trust work?

Manor Hall Academy Trust was established in September 2015 as a Multi-Academy Trust and operates as a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity.

Our defining characteristic is that we are a Special Schools Trust, meaning our work is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Special Schools. While the Trust has a robust system of accountability, each academy retains its distinctive culture.

We take pride in being a collaborative educational trust that promotes the following key features:

  1. Serving the needs of special school pupils in our academies.
  2. Bringing together like-minded educationalists who share similar visions, aspirations, and high expectations for children.
  3. Focusing on practical geographic proximity for our academies.
  4. Operating as a flexible Multi Academy Trust that evolves organically, empowering schools to have a voice in shaping their own future.
  5. Adopting a model of governance that fosters a sense of belonging and value for each academy within the Trust.
  6. Implementing a Scheme of Delegation that supports autonomy for good/outstanding academies.

In pursuit of effective governance, our head teachers/principals and their deputies gather regularly through the Head teachers Advisory Board to Directors. This forum serves to address operational matters swiftly while also acting as a think tank for strategic development as the Multi Academy Trust continues to evolve.