Associate Membership

Associate Membership offers an opportunity for schools and trusts to form a partnership, allowing the Trust to provide immediate support to the school. This arrangement is outlined in a service level agreement that clearly specifies the services the Trust will provide and their associated costs. The flexible nature of this arrangement enables the school to access the resources and supportive systems of the Trust.

During this partnership, the school can evaluate the benefits of working with the Trust, considering the possibility of converting into the Trust based on their experience. At the same time, the Trust can conduct its due diligence process in a timely and less intrusive manner to ensure a strong alignment of values and ethos.

The service level agreement, negotiated between the school and the Trust, can cover various areas of support, such as school improvement, curriculum development, governance function, finance function, business function, professional development, collaboration and networking, strategy and vision, estate management, health and safety, safeguarding, behavioural support, and data protection.

This collaborative approach allows the Associate Member and the Trust to explore the partnership and “try before they buy,” providing an opportunity to sample the benefits and strengths of the partnership before making a commitment. It ensures a mutually beneficial and transparent process for both parties, leading to a stronger and more informed decision regarding future collaboration and potential conversion into the Trust.


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