Join Our Trust

We are thrilled to introduce Manor Hall Academy Trust, a Multi Academy Trust that began its journey in September 2015. As we continue to grow and evolve, we emphasize the importance of collaboration and shared leadership.

In our Trust, all academy leaders actively participate in an advisory group, directly accountable to the Trust Board of Directors. This approach ensures that every academy has a meaningful impact on the developments of the Multi Academy Trust and a genuine voice in shaping our collective future. Our academies are led by likeminded head teachers who share common values, beliefs, and unwavering aspirations for the children and young adults we serve.

At Manor Hall Academy Trust, we believe in looking beyond our immediate care and taking responsibility for all pupils. Our schools proactively engage with local mainstream schools, fostering inclusive and forward-thinking practices. We warmly welcome mainstream schools to become members of our Trust, as we know that many of them share our values and can contribute to our collaborative vision.

If you are interested in learning more about the Manor Hall Academy Trust and feel that our model of school collaboration aligns with your goals, we encourage you to get in touch with us.
We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibilities of working together to create a thriving educational community for all.

Working Together as a Caring and Learning Community of Schools within a Strong and Resilient Organisation


“We have been exploring joining a multi-academy trust for a number of years, as choosing the right trust has been very important. Governors have taken this responsibility very seriously and have looked at 17 different trusts. We have been looking for a trust where we can keep our unique identity but also provide our school with group strength and an opportunity for us to feel part of something bigger.”

Headteacher of a Primary School-September 2022

“Our children will probably not notice any difference from today, but this is as it should be. However, within a trust we will have a wider group of schools from which to draw knowledge and share expertise. We are excited to join with likeminded schools from whom we can learn from and contribute too, sharing effective practice that will enable our school to further develop. In this way we can provide learning and professional development opportunities for all of our staff and continue to improve outcomes for our children.”

Headteacher of a Primary School-September 2022