Members, Directors, Local Advisory Board

Governance in Multi Academy Trusts

In a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), a single Trust takes on the responsibility of overseeing multiple schools. Operating as a legal entity, the Trust holds a pivotal role as the direct employer of staff and the custodian of land titles. As a charitable company limited by guarantee, it upholds its commitment to charitable purposes. To maintain a balanced structure, Manor Hall Academy Trust is required to have both Members and Directors on board, ensuring effective governance and strategic decision-making.


Accounting Officer: Richard Redgate

Our dedicated Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard. Redgate, serves as the Accounting Officer. In this significant capacity, Richard Redgate assumes specific and vital responsibilities for all financial matters within the Trust.

As the Accounting Officer, Richard personally shoulders the responsibility to report to parliament, the Education Funding Agency (EFA), and other pertinent authorities. He ensures transparency and accountability in managing the financial resources under the Trust’s control.


Chief Finance Officer: Mr Alec Smallwood

At our Trust, the role of Chief Financial Officer is a vital one, and we are proud to have Alec Smallwood as our dedicated CFO. Appointed by the Trust Board, Alec Smallwood provides exceptional leadership to our finance team.

As the CFO, Alec takes on the critical responsibility of overseeing and delegating the Trust’s detailed financial procedures. His expertise and technical acumen ensure that our financial operations run smoothly and efficiently.


In our Trust, Members hold a significant and essential role within the governance structure.

When the Trust was established, the Members are the initial subscribers to the Trust’s memorandum of association. They possess a comprehensive overview of the governance arrangements within the Trust. As key stakeholders, Members have the authority to appoint or remove Directors, ensuring that the Trust’s leadership remains aligned with the organisation’s vision and values.

The Members hold a unique right to amend the articles of association. This power grants them the ability to make necessary adjustments to the Trust’s governing documents, safeguarding its long-term interests and adaptability.

Furthermore, Members shoulder the crucial responsibility of ensuring that the MAT Board of Directors operates in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines. Their oversight helps maintain the highest standards of governance, transparency, and accountability within the Trust.

At our Trust, we deeply value the contributions and insights of our Members, recognising their pivotal role in upholding our mission to provide exceptional education and support to our students and communities. Their active involvement ensures that our Trust remains dynamic, responsive, and steadfast in achieving our shared goals.

The following persons acted as Members during the 2022-2023 academic year.  Dates of new appointments and resignations are listed. All appointment dates are listed.


Name AppointedResigned (if applicable)
Prakash Samani29 November 2018 
Clive Lilley10 June 2021 
John Glandfield1 October 2016 
Jeff Welch14 December 2022 
Simon Smith2 February 2023 
Geoff Gamble1 October 201614 December 2023
Christina Pearson10 June 202114 December 2023


Our Directors play a pivotal role within our Trust, and their authority is granted by the Members who entrust them with significant responsibilities.

One of the primary responsibilities of our Director’s is to control and oversee the management and operation of the Trust. They work diligently to ensure that the Trust remains solvent, efficiently run, and that all academies within the Trust are delivering the required educational standards.

In their capacity as Directors, they also take on the essential task of overseeing the budget of each Academy School. By closely monitoring financial matters, they ensure that resources are allocated optimally to support the educational needs of our students.

We firmly believe in the importance of an effective governance model that allows Members to hold Directors accountable. To achieve this, a degree of separation is necessary between those serving as trustees (Directors) and those serving as Members. As such, we have a Director who acts as a bridge between the Members and the Board of Directors, fostering clear communication and collaboration.

Furthermore, we also maintain separation between our Directors and the members of the LABs in terms of accountability. This ensures that there is clarity in the roles and responsibilities of each group, leading to a more efficient and transparent governance structure.

Through the dedicated efforts of our Directors, working in tandem with Members and LABs, we remain committed to providing a nurturing and conducive educational environment for our students while upholding the highest standards of governance and accountability.

The following persons acted as Directors during the 2022-2023 academic year. Dates of new appointments and resignations are listed. All appointment dates are listed as well as who appointed them.


Name Who AppointedDate of appointment End of current term dateDate of resignation
John AlexanderAppointed by GB/board1 December 201626 November 2024
Margaret CheshireAppointed by GB/board13 October 20211st March 2024
Jason ChristeyAppointed by academy members14 December 202213 December 2026
John EdwardsAppointed by academy members20 July 201719 July 2027
John FitchettAppointed by GB/board1 April 202031 March 2027
Amanda HughesAppointed by academy members13 July 201831 August 2024
Simon SmithAppointed by GB/board31 March 202131 March 2025
Nicholas ThorntonAppointed by GB/board25 November 202024 November 2027
John GlandfieldAppointment by foundation/trust27 November 201926 November 2022
Jennifer JohnsonAppointed by GB/board28 November 20183 March 2023
Pouvanen Veerappapillay (Nen Pillay)Appointed by Academy Members8 November 20237 November 2027

Local Advisory Boards (LABs)

Our Local Advisory Boards (LABs) play a crucial role within each Academy School, and their responsibilities are derived from the MAT Board of Directors through a document called The Scheme of Delegation. This scheme outlines the specific level of delegated responsibilities negotiated with each Academy School, and it is subject to regular review to ensure effectiveness and relevance.

The delegated responsibilities assigned to the LABs are diverse and encompass various aspects of the Academy School’s functioning. These responsibilities often include day-to-day operational management, student welfare, staffing matters, and budget monitoring. By taking on these roles, the LABs contribute significantly to the efficient and effective operation of the Academy School.

We encourage you to visit the individual websites of our Academies to access detailed information about LAB membership, including the dedicated individuals who serve on these boards, their business interests, and their attendance records at meetings. Transparency is fundamental to our governance approach, and we are committed to providing you with comprehensive insights into the contributions and activities of our LAB members.