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Manor Hall Academy Trust

The Manor Hall Academy Trust schools collaborate within a strong and resilient structure to provide the best outcomes for children.  This is facilitated through the development of all staff and a shared fundamental commitment that staff and children will always strive to be the best they can be.

The Manor Hall Academy Trust is a growing Multi-Academy Trust whose distinctive feature is that its existence was formed between special schools, working together with the same ethos, values and aspirations.

Upon these solid foundations, the Trust is now presented with an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of so many vulnerable children – many of whom have not previously received the educational opportunities they deserve.  This also includes the sponsorship of schools who need support, taking a lead role in the development of inclusive practices in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) transformation and improving the outcomes for children through the delivery of early intervention strategies in mainstream schools.

Mutual respect – the sharing of good practice and expertise, support and challenge, with high expectations – run through all aspects of our practice.

The Manor Hall Academy Trust believes schools need aspirational, progressive and resourceful leaders, who know their families and communities.  Therefore, our vision is to enable schools to flourish with real autonomy, whilst ensuring a strong ethos of support and collaboration facilitated by the Trust.

We recognise that historic boundaries are gradually disappearing and we are beginning to work with schools and Local Authorities across a larger area, whilst being mindful that our footprint, still enables the sharing of resources.  This includes Free School provision to meet emergent need.

The growth of the Manor Hall Academy Trust is to the benefit of the individual schools and most importantly, pupils and their families.

Welcome to the Manor Hall Academy Trust.

Richard Redgate

Chief Executive Officer, Manor Hall Academy Trust

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Contact List For All The Schools

 Cicely Haughton School - 01782 550202
 Chaselea School - 01543 227095
 Loxley Hall School - 01889 723050
 The Meadows School - 01538 225050
 Merryfields School - 01782 914219
 Rocklands School - 01543 548700
 Shenstone Lodge School - 01542 480369
 Springfield School - 01538 383558

01782 599 313


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