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Manor Hall Academy Trust

Our schools collaborate in a strong and resilient structure within Manor Hall Academy Trust. Each child is a powerful learner.
Manor Hall Academy Trust develops all practitioners to be the best they can be.  

The Manor Hall Academy Trust is a growing Multi-Academy Trust whose distinctive feature is that its foundations, was formed between Special Schools working together with the same values and aspirations. Mutual respect, support, and challenge run through all aspects of our work. The MHAT believes schools need aspirational, progressive and resourceful leaders, who know their families and communities. Therefore, the best schools need high levels of autonomy. When schools fall below our expectations or identify areas for improvement they can draw upon the knowledge, experience, and expertise of other leaders and the central team, in the spirit of collaboration; school to school support through the sharing of good practice expertise and staff development.

The growth of the MHAT and its membership can only be to the benefit of the individual schools and most importantly the pupils and their families.

We have a responsibility to all pupils not just those in our immediate care. Our growth strategy has been reviewed to include the development of new partnerships within the continuum of inclusion to future proof the MHAT and extend our expertise to reach other vulnerable learners. Simultaneously, we have sponsorship status to enable the MHAT to sponsor and improve schools in need of help and support. We recognise that historic boundaries are gradually disappearing and we are open to working with schools and Local Authorities across a larger footprint including free school provision to meet emergent need.

Please take a look through the pages of our website; if this germinates any interest please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Richard Redgate

Chief Executive Officer, Manor Hall Academy Trust

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